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Breakthrough To Literacy Breakthough to literacy is an effective tool to address our reading crisis
Large numbers of South African children struggle to understand what they are reading. In fact, South Africa was placed last out of 50 countries in the recently released Progress
20 Jun 2018
WORLD READ ALOUD DAY Why reading aloud matters
On World Read Aloud Day, the 1st of February 2018, it is well worth our while to ponder on the countless benefits of such a simple activity. While children whose parents
29 Jan 2018
AWARENESS FOR EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION SA adventurers tackle volcano to raise awareness for early childhood education
A group of six South African adventurers is planning to summit the world’s highest active volcano to raise awareness for The Unlimited Child, a skills development non-profit
22 Jan 2018
CONSCIENTIOUSNESS OR CREATIVITY? Are conscientiousness and creativity mutually exclusive? In our schools, businesses and organisations, do we over-reward conscientiousness and discipline and underrate creativity and independence. What is the effect of this on human beings, productivity, inspiration and innovation?
A string of books has been written about this through the decades, with many researchers pinpointing conscientiousness and discipline as the number one behaviours children
12 Sep 2017
LITERATURE African and South African Literature
“Literature is a term used to describe written and sometimes spoken material. Derived from the Latin word litteratura meaning "writing formed with letters,
04 Sep 2017 - A. M.
SOLUTION TO EDUCATION How an industry came together to develop an education solution
With technology being a central part of our 21st century lives, it’s essential that it is integrated into education. Students today have grown up with the
07 Sep 2016
EDUCATION Multiply partners with Ovations to deliver MMI Education360° Platform
Finding the right school for your child that is accessible and meets your budget, selecting the right learning path, or simply looking for parents and peers that can help you make
28 Jul 2016
TECHNOLOGY Taking literacy to the next level
How technology supports literacy initiatives and levels the educational playing field in South Africa. Alfie Hamid, Regional Manager: Cisco Corporate Affairs, Sub-Saharan Africa,
30 Jun 2016
Educating a country It takes a village to teach a child
"The broader participation of South African society was crucial to addressing the educational challenges of the past year", Gordon Institute of Business Science professor Adrian Saville
11 Dec 2012 - C. Z.


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