E-LEARNING INSIGHTS 2017 - TRAINING WORKSHOP If you are in the training industry don’t miss this one!
eLearning Insights 2017 is the place for learning professionals to gain insights into current and future industry trends. Join us for an inspirational session with 2 of the
11 Aug 2017
INTEGRATED LEARNING ‘Work-integrated learning’ can improve work-readiness of graduates
The higher education sector must move toward incorporating work-integrated learning in all curricula, to ensure that graduates are better able to make the transition from lecture
20 May 2014
South African developed technology Enabling managers to perform duties more efficiently in real-time
By no means do managers have an easy task ahead of them.  The challenges they face when it comes to inspiring a workforce are immense.
31 Oct 2013
Skills at the coalface BHP Billiton Skills Development Summit
The upcoming BHP Billiton Skills Development Summit will dedicate an entire session to the cricial subject of skills development in the workplace.
19 Jul 2013
Private sector needs skills Developing a nation
Educational access to better options is possible for those prepared to find and take advantage of corporate assistance.
12 Jul 2013
Engine of development Higher education a critical pillar of sustainable human development
Universities have an important role to play in ensuring Africa’s rapid economic progress results in sustained human development
23 May 2013 - D. P.
Cost of education Applicants need to be prepared to foot the bill
With executive education programmes in South Africa costing more than R200 000 per programme, applicants need to ensure they have compared different programme offerings and that they are prepared for the costs
17 May 2013 - K. R.
Optimise your potential Ten creative ways to turbo-charge your studies
Have you wondered why some people seem to be able to pick up new skills or knowledge effortlessly, while others are caught up in the basics?
06 May 2013 - L. J.
Identifying scarce skills SA needs to re-evaluate the way it identifies talent
South Africa is suffering from a skills shortage yet the country also has an abundance of untapped potential. The challenge is to discover and unleash that potential in a planned and deliberate manner.
02 May 2013 - J. N.

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