Tax relief for tax payers Gordhan delivered no surprises
Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan delivered no surprises in his Budget Speech on 26 February, favouring consistency and steadiness over change and fireworks ahead of the national election on 7 May.
27 Feb 2014
Watching the budget Mind your Moolah educates pupils on financial literacy
With many South Africans struggling under the burden of debt, a creative collaboration by business and the government aims to provide financial literacy education to pupils.
08 May 2013 - A. M.
Funding the masses Sefa aims to disburse over R737 million to small firms
The Small Enterprise Finance Agency (Sefa) plans to disburse over R737 million to more than 15 000 small firms – most of these micro enterprises – by the end of the 2013/14
29 Apr 2013 - C. H.
Debating SA's economic standing Finance minister Pravin Gordhan believes economic success is based on politics
South Africa faces high levels of unemployment and skills shortages at the same time, deploring the country's education system. All successful countries have one thing in common: they invest in education.
28 Mar 2013 - J. D.
The employment seesaw An employment outlook survey shows very little improvement
A recent survey indicates that 7% of employers plan to increase staffing levels, while 5% plan to reduce staffing levels and 87% anticipate no change in their staffing levels
15 Mar 2013 - C. D. B.
Investing in SA Small businesses could fix the unemployment problem
South Africa needs between 2 million and 3 million small businesses to fix the unemployment problem. Instead, we have seen 440 000 small businesses fail between 2006 and 2011.
12 Mar 2013 - B. J.
Work the budget Insights from Budget Watch 2013
Following this year's Budget Speech, KPMG hosted Budget Watch 2013 – looking at the implications for the delivery of the National Development Plan
01 Mar 2013 - L. M.
Financial intermediaries to overcome many hurdles in 2013 Economic turmoil challenges financial intermerdiaries
One of the biggest challenges facing intermediaries in 2013 is the on-going economic turmoil, both globally and in South Africa.
06 Feb 2013 - J. V. P.
Festive spending Counting the pennies during the festive season
Year in and year out, spending over the Christmas and New Year’s period clearly indicates how easy it is to fall into temptation and overindulgence.
02 Jan 2013 - T. S.

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