Female empowerment The new BEE codes might be missing the mark
With the focus on ownership, the new codes drive BEE at top management and board level – but not middle management, in which the talent to fill those top positions is nurtured and developed.
20 Feb 2014
Moving towards a globally integrated and productivity driven future Innovative strategies for African development
What has the role of the public sector been in driving exceptional growth, and are recent developments sustainable in light of government action in Algeria, Nigeria, Ethiopia, South Africa and Mauritius?
12 Aug 2013
50% of PMPs happy at work, says survey 'Sometimes you are simply in over your head'
Caught up in the thrill of a new role, some project professionals jump at their first job offer only to regret the decision thereafter. The facts are that only 50% of new hires were confident in their decision.
18 Jul 2013
SME development Business Partners earmark R1 billion for SME development in 2013
More than R1 billion for the advancement of SMEs earmarked within the region for the upcoming 2013 / 2014 year.
12 Jul 2013
Upskilling in Accounting BAcc to be offered in English by SU from 2014
The Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences has announced that first-year students who enrol for the BAccountancy degree in the future, will be able to attend classes in English or Afrikaans.
27 Jun 2013 - S. M.
Necessary skills and courage for sustainability leadership Repairing a sinking ship
Civilisation has found itself in a place where volatility is the new normal. Historic droughts exist alongside historic floods, the global food system is failing one out of every seven people.
27 Jun 2013
Business coaching Executive coaching can take your company's performance to the next level
New research shows that business coaching can increase employee productivity and customer satisfaction, as well as boost economic value
12 Jun 2013 - N. A.
Innovative business Innovation and good HR: you can’t have one without the other
Innovation is crucial to the survival and success of most modern-day companies and the human resources function is key to establishing a culture of innovation within any corporation
11 Jun 2013
An executive decision Safer way for executives to get online when travelling
When travelling on business internationally, relying on public Wi-Fi access can be problematic and comes with potential security concerns as well. Utilising a pocket Wi-Fi device is a much safer option.
10 Jun 2013 - B. G.

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