SAMCRO No glass ceiling for go-getting SAMRO scholarships semi-finalists
Women don’t always have an easy path in their chosen careers, but the young female instrumentalists in the SAMRO Overseas Scholarships Competition are rising to the
23 Aug 2016
WOMEN EMPOWERMENT Networks Unlimited takes women empowerment and skills development earnestly
workplace, empowerment, internships, education
18 Aug 2016
THE ROLE OF MFP's The evolution of document management and the role of MFPs
change, society, efficiency, business, equipment
17 Aug 2016
SA's TAX AND LABOUR LAWS Making sense of SA’s tax and labour laws around labour brokers and personal service providers
resources, employers, tax, sars, systems, entrepreneurs
17 Aug 2016
CUSTOMER JOURNEYS The Customer Journey is on the move
So the latest business phrase trending at the moment is “customer journeys”. Companies want to know how to create an environment in the organisation that drives
16 Aug 2016
HR People analytics: HR and Geeks are working together, supercharging business performance
I’m currently at Sage Summit, the world’s largest gathering of entrepreneurs and leaders of Small & Medium Businesses. I am presenting on how a modern Payroll/HR
01 Aug 2016
2017 COURSES Prospective students rushing to sign up for 2017's hottest courses
Surprising trends are emerging from early applications to South Africa’s leading private higher education institutions, from Matrics who want to pursue tertiary study next
28 Jul 2016
INNOVATION Innovation stems from true diversity of perspective
In the distinguished lecture series arranged by the Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment at the University of Johannesburg’s Kingsway campus on Monday 25th July,
28 Jul 2016
FINANCE Where to spend on your business - to save
Minimising costs is key to running a successful business, however, there are some core areas of a business for which it is imperative to spend – ultimately in order to
28 Jul 2016


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