HR How smart skills development for your employees earns financial rebates
Every SA business with a payroll over R500 000 is obliged by law to pay 1% of their total annual employee remuneration to SARS each year as the Skills Development Levy (SDL). But
21 Jul 2016
YOUTH So what is youth development?
Understanding Youth Development: A Local Government Perspective, by Tsholofelo Koopedi, Managing Director of the UJ-NYDA Institute As we move towards the fourth democratic local
14 Jul 2016
BUSINESS Green lending - A new green fund has been launched to promote entrepreneurship in an environmentally responsible manner
When looking at the most developed economies around the world, they have all gone through a period of economic growth that has revolved around the concept of entrepreneurship, in
14 Jul 2016 - N. A.
HR Automated payroll: taking the pain away from small businesses
One of technology’s key gains is doing away with the time consuming and painful weekly or monthly manual payroll system. Transforming HR and payroll with specialist
13 Jul 2016
BUSINESS The New Business Frontier
Why customer experience? Why now? Because we have entered an age when focusing on customers is more important than any other strategic imperative. Every executive knows that
12 Jul 2016
ENERGY City to city
Bringing energy solutions to the nation
10 Jul 2016
EMERCE COMMERCE Next generation ecommerce starts with the customer
ecommerce, environment, technology, business, customers, sustainable success
01 Jul 2016
TRAINING Making it up as you go along
Applied or non-theatrical improvisation for training in the South African business environment can provide employees with a creative space for self-growth Many of us are familiar
30 Jun 2016 - M. M.
TECHNOLOGY Taking literacy to the next level
How technology supports literacy initiatives and levels the educational playing field in South Africa. Alfie Hamid, Regional Manager: Cisco Corporate Affairs, Sub-Saharan Africa,
30 Jun 2016


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