LAUNCHiING A RANGE OF AFRICAN CONDIMENTS The innovation hub’s entrepreneur to launch a range of african condiments
Makhamisa Foods, an entrepreneur incubated at The Innovation Hubs’s Biopark@Gauteng facility, will be launching a range of African condiments which have been described as a
16 Jan 2017
SUSTAINABILITY WEEK 2017 Africa’s Policy, Business, and Technical Leaders Unite At Sustainability Week 2017
The 2017 edition of Sustainability Week is set to become Africa’s most important event in driving economic transformation through sustainable development, as Africa’s
14 Dec 2016
ALL YOU WANT FOR XMAS All YOU want for Xmas…is more customers
This Festive Season, Effective Intelligence (EI) - South Africa’s leading direct marketing solutions provider - offers you the gift of more customers. With a crystal clear
05 Dec 2016
DIGITAL IS NOW How to engage Gen Y
Digital isn’t about innovation strategies or disruption any longer. Digital is here. Digital is now and if you don’t have a digital footprint – you will lose
14 Nov 2016
ANALYTICS TO GROW PROFITS Unparalleled Power of Predictive Analytics to grow Profits
Ever been in that uncomfortable situation at the end of the quarter when sales is banging on the door for more qualified prospects? The CMO is pushing to not let marketing’s
17 Oct 2016 - J. A. / C. o. E. I.
FUTURE PERFECT SKILLS DEVELOPMENT Leading up to the Skills Development Summit in August, we talk to Felleng Yende, the Fibre, Processing & Manufacturing (FP&M) SETA’s award-winning CEO—one year after the SETA first sponsored the prestigious event in Pretoria
Achiever magazine’s Skills Development Summit is one of the foremost skills events staged in South Africa that showcases the remarkable strides that have been made by
06 Oct 2016
THE FUTURE OF JOBS Focusing on the future of global careers
Focusing on the future of global careers, ‘Mastering the Fourth Industrial Revolution’ was the topic of this year’s World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting
06 Oct 2016
THE EARLIER,THE BETTER Taking a closer look at why early childhood education is the real key to South Africa’s future
Following the recent hype in the media around the importance of early childhood development (ECD), and amidst strong criticism that South Africa is suddenly investing heavily in
06 Oct 2016
TECHNOLOGY Gauteng evolves as South Africa’s hub for enterprise app development
Gauteng is fast emerging as a centre for enterprise app development. This is according to Cassie Lessing, Managing Director of the Strato IT Group, adding that the app economy is
06 Oct 2016


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