CURBING CRIME Curbing Crime and Violence on Construction Sites
Open any South African newspaper and it will inevitably be filled with stories about the crime and violence resulting from low income and education levels, protest action,
20 May 2014
EMPLOYEES Managing the risk of financially-stressed employees
Companies, in particular HR, face a monumental challenge today to create and maintain a productive and effective workforce given the draconian labour laws, the staggering
15 May 2014
GIBB upgrades remote Libode Schools Critical role played by Department of Basic Education
The Department of Basic Education (DBE) has played a critical role in impacting the lives of the people in the communities with a key focus on socio-economic development.
14 Mar 2014
Revised youth employment incentive President Jacob Zuma addresses issues of unemployment
South Africa has an unemployment rate of more than 25% and many economists say incentives could start to address the problem.
03 Jun 2013 - E. H.
Alleviating unemployment Smart learnership selection will combat unemployment
Ensuring the correct learners are put into correct learnership positions will, in the long term, benefit the country
24 May 2013 - M. C.
Leadership responsibility Leadership derailment disaster faces black executives
It is estimated that about 60% of current leaders will derail at some point. Derailment occurs when a person who, entrusted with the responsibility of leading others, fails to perform the task of being a leader
20 May 2013 - D. A. M.
Dismal results from employment index South Africa’s employment fell by an annualised rate of 0.2% in April 2013
According to the latest Adcorp Employment Index, the economy shed 3 220 jobs in April 2013, with most of them in the permanent and full-time work sector
15 May 2013 - J. B.
Unemployment could destabilise South African economy Youth Unemployment is a pressing social and economic challenge
The highest level of unemployment in South Africa is amongst young people, with 50.9% of individuals aged between 15 and 24 not being gainfully employed.
26 Apr 2013 - L. D.
All about the money Are you earning equivalent to your potential?
It is always difficult to give your salary expectations to a potential employer, that is why you should know what a competitive salary is in your field and what a person with your qualification level could earn
23 Apr 2013 - R. V.

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