Coega breaking new ground Mervyn King training kicks off at Coega
THE Coega Development Corporation (CDC) has taken a great step towards moving its corporate reporting structures into the 21st century
01 Jul 2013
A digital learning curve Online education revolutionises tertiary education
Fast-changing technology is leading to the creation of jobs that did not exist until recently. Social media managers, professional bloggers and app developers were unheard of as career choices a few years ago.
04 Jun 2013 - G. J.
Classroom in a box HP combines education and technology
HP brings to SA its innovative ‘classroom in a box’ – a low-cost solution for educational IT labs based on pre-installed schools equipment and thin client PCs in a refurbished shipping container.
17 Jan 2013
Technology Schools shouldn’t be teaching technology, they should be using it
Most of us did not have today’s technology options when we were in school, so while parents realise that technology has become an integral part of their child’s education, they’re often finding it difficult to incorporate it into the learning process.
03 Sep 2012 - P. C.
In real life South African youth could benefit from film
Film has the potential to change people, uplift communities and develop society.
08 Aug 2012
Back to the future Building on past mistakes
History shows the best way to improve education is to embrace future technology.
16 Jul 2012
Digital Learning Online learning revolution
Online learning is a topic of conversation dominating the field of education worldwide
05 Jul 2012 - E. R.

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