Dell partners with SHAWCO First ever Dell Solar Lab launched in Kensington, Cape Town
Thursday, January 30th will see the launch of the first Dell Solar Lab in Kensington in the Western Cape.
27 Jan 2014
Employ a green approach Top employers in SA show trend toward green thinking
By adjusting company policies to reduce travel and keep buildings greener, organisations can play a significant role in reducing South Africa’s worrisome carbon footprint
13 May 2013 - N. A.
Sustain yourself Johannesburg needs to address environmental sustainability
City managers and citizens need a more inclusive understanding of environmental sustainability if Joburg is to reach the same levels of enviro-friendly success as Copenhagen, Mexico City and London.
15 Jan 2013 - P. V.
Reduce, reuse, recycle An easier way to keep the country tidy
It is gratifying to know that there is an increasing shift in consumers to make a much greener choice when buying.
02 Oct 2012
The green effect Decrease your carbon footprint
The 3 R’s ( Reuse, Recycle, Recyclable) are the most important factors to focus on when it comes to managing a corporate’s carbon footprint, reducing waste and paper usage.
31 Aug 2012
Going green A greener economy
Billions are set aside for environmental programmes between 2012/13 and 2014/15, providing 205 877 work opportunities and 102 603 full-time equivalent jobs.
05 Jul 2012

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