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The Future of Learning in Higher Education Embracing change is the key to success
Professor Thengani Ngwenya, Director of the Durban University of Technology Centre of Excellence in Learning and Teaching In the fast-faced world of today universities play an
08 Jan 2020
Joining Forces Township entrepreneurs joining forces
Undaunted by a lack of support for female entrepreneurs in Cape Town's townships, a group of Khayelitsha businesswomen simply set up their own organisation to empower women making
31 Aug 2018
CONSCIENTIOUSNESS OR CREATIVITY? Are conscientiousness and creativity mutually exclusive? In our schools, businesses and organisations, do we over-reward conscientiousness and discipline and underrate creativity and independence. What is the effect of this on human beings, productivity, inspiration and innovation?
A string of books has been written about this through the decades, with many researchers pinpointing conscientiousness and discipline as the number one behaviours children
12 Sep 2017
WOMEN Skilled for success
Addressing the skills gap through women empowerment initiatives More than 35 000 South African female entrepreneurs have to date benefitted from a unique partnership between the
30 Jun 2016
MENTORSHIP Why mentoring matters
Having the confidence to succeed, the belief in yourself that your ideas will work and the drive to turn those ideas into reality, are key traits to achieve, writes Jayne Archbold, CEO, Sage Mid-Market.
28 Jan 2015


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