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85% of South African students aspire to go onto university 85% of South African students aspire to go onto university and follow traditional careers, according to new global research
85% of South African students aspire to go to university Most still aspire to pursue traditional, well respected careers as doctors, dentists, engineers and
21 Nov 2018
Inscape Innovation in Education at Inscape
Helen Bührs is the CEO and shareholder of Inscape Education Group, a leading tertiary education private provider specialising in the built environment and creative
02 Oct 2018
TRANSFORMING EDUCATION Transforming Educational Institutions in SA
Recent debates have mushroomed in Republic of South Africa on the issue of educational standards et al. Our officialdom have become mum in broad-day light as they're battling to
28 Mar 2018
THE UNIVERSITY OF MPUMALANGA (UMP) UMP was established in 2013 and stands as a symbol of the ambitions of the new South African society. Professor Thoko Mayekiso, Vice-Chancellor discusses the university’s leadership role within the academic sphere, its commitment to providing education of the highest standards and a vibrant student experience for all and cultivating responsible student leaders
In a region thirsty for learning, UMP assumes a leadership role in providing the Province and the country with academic avenues for advancement. “The university endows its
13 Sep 2017
EDUCATION The country needs talented black postgraduates says Aurecon
Diversity of thought gives global engineering and infrastructure advisory company Aurecon its competitive edge. This diversity is reliant on an inclusive workforce. The company,
21 Sep 2016
SOLUTION TO EDUCATION How an industry came together to develop an education solution
With technology being a central part of our 21st century lives, it’s essential that it is integrated into education. Students today have grown up with the
07 Sep 2016
2017 COURSES Prospective students rushing to sign up for 2017's hottest courses
Surprising trends are emerging from early applications to South Africa’s leading private higher education institutions, from Matrics who want to pursue tertiary study next
28 Jul 2016
SME Connecting corporate employers
Online business portal a boost for SME employment.
06 Feb 2016
MBA Managing the pressure
According to Prof Marlize Terblanche-Smit, of the USB, its newly structured professional MBA can help executives cope with the strenuous demands of an MBA.
18 Aug 2015
BUSINESS From student to professional
More emphasis has been placed on the importance of guiding graduates through the transition from life on campus to a new working world.
24 Jun 2015


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