How an industry came together to develop an education solution


With technology being a central part of our 21st century lives, it’s essential that it is integrated into education. Students today have grown up with the intuition to swipe a smart phone or tablet screen, so bringing this technology into the classroom can help bring learning material to life, while preparing them for the future workplace.

According to Mariëtte Scholtz, Samsung Mobile and TOMTOM Product Manager, “The need to make technology available to a deeper pool of students was the force behind the partnership between Rectron and Samsung to bring the tech industry together and their solution to life.”

School in a Box: An educational treasure chest

The solution, dubbed School in a Box, packages the tools students most need and want in one affordable box. Scholtz explains that it includes a Samsung tablet, along with Rectron and its vendors’ accessories such as a carry case, additional memory, a tablet cover with built-in keyboard, a screen protector and in-ear headphones. Every accessory was carefully chosen to offer the best quality product at the best price, and each one has a unique warranty period for additional peace of mind.  The box itself, called a green box, is also designed to fold into a pencil holder and tablet stand so that there is very little wastage.

In addition, School in a Box comes with insurance from Tech Insure, which covers one liquid damage repair and one screen repair within 12 months. “Having this insurance option in place is an important consideration for parents or schools buying expensive technology for their children or students,” says Scholtz.

This is part of making technology as accessible as possible to as many students possible. In keeping with that line of thinking, School in a Box is also available in three categories – the Essential range retailing at R2999 with a 7-inch tablet (SM-T116), the Classic range available for R4699 with a 9.6-inch tablet (SM-T561) and the Advanced range for R6999 with a 9.7-inch tablet (SM-P555). Scholtz comments, “This ensures that regardless of education level or budget, there is a suitable package for every student.”

The Classic and Advanced category solutions also include a solar panel by World Panel to ensure students with limited or no access to electricity can charge and use their tablets. “These solar panels are hardy and take the same time to charge a device as a regular charger would,” Scholtz highlights.

Putting School in a Box in the hands of those who need it most

Scholtz explains that Rectron is currently on an awareness drive and has partnered with retailers such as Waltons, as well as ecommerce resellers, such as Loot Online, Upith and DG Store. Rectron also has links to education and national school newspaper, “Free 4 All”, as well as government educational publication, “The Mighty Pen Educational Magazine”.

“We have seen a huge success selling into our first tertiary institution, University of Zululand in KZN. The solution was taken up very positively. In addition, educational partners such as Van Schaik Bookstore have made these solutions available to students,” she comments. “There are also other exciting partnerships in the pipeline, which aim to put School in a Box in places students and their parents visit regularly.”

Rectron is also lending its support where needed for teachers who need technological training and schools that need help installing wireless systems to get the most out of the technology.

“The story of School in a Box is one of an industry coming together and finding ways to cut their margins to offer an affordable educational solution accessible by all,” says Scholtz. “From mitigating issues around delivery of textbooks and even heavy school bags, to preparing as many students as possible for the working world, it’s a solution that proves the tech industry cares about education and its development.”

For more information on School in a Box, please contact Mariëtte Scholtz at Rectron on 011 203 1489 or email

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