Multiply partners with Ovations to deliver MMI Education360° Platform

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Finding the right school for your child that is accessible and meets your budget, selecting the right learning path, or simply looking for parents and peers that can help you make education decisions for yourself and your child is an ongoing battle. Which is why financial services giant Momentum with the help of technology partner Ovations, under the umbrella of its lifestyle rewards programme Multiply, added a new element to its offering by way of Education360°.

The Education360° Platform, developed by digital partner Ovations, is the ultimate parent, learner and teacher reference portal, providing the user with easy access to schools, learning resources, forums, Multiply partner discounts and expert advice. The site also publishes articles by expert contributors, thereby providing “education” across multiple areas of interest.

“Education is a minefield for parents who want to secure a place in the right school for their children, but don’t necessarily have all the knowledge on hand to make these decisions,” states Natalie Bevan, principal consultant at Ovations. “When we started working with Momentum to develop the Education360° platform our brief was to create an all inclusive platform that would help Multiply members guide their decisions based on having all the facts on schooling and education in a centralised place.”

According to Bevan, the Education360° portal is a perfect example of creating a digital asset that speaks across a multitude of customer needs. It merges a host of disparate tools into a single content system that is easily accessible, logical and that more importantly adds value for the customer.

Resources on Education360° include a host of tools, the ability to download comprehensive past exam papers, worksheets and lesson plans, watch video tutorials, identify Multiply partners and engage with experts. Its mission is to provide information from “ABC to PhD”, and it achieves just that.

Furthermore the addition of its SchoolTool resource enables users to search for a school in their area based on specific requirements, namely distance from home, co-ed, private or public and whether it has boarding facilities. After selecting a school, SchoolTool will then give you an estimate of what schooling will cost at the school, enabling users to make more informed decisions on whether or not they can afford the school or if they should be looking at investing in an education policy to assist them financially in the future.

The SchoolTool resource has proved to be so successful that it was awarded the 2016 Silver Bookmark Award in the category, “Excellence in Research”.

“MMI’s Education360° is a perfect example of how companies can embrace digitalisation to better serve customers. It is not just a website, it is a digital interaction engine that helps the client map the digital footprints of its customers in order to glean better insights into the needs of every user. It strips away the need for multiple siloed websites by centralising a specific offering in a single portal to which it can now add additional resource tools when needed,”

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