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Alleviating unemployment Smart learnership selection will combat unemployment
Ensuring the correct learners are put into correct learnership positions will, in the long term, benefit the country
24 May 2013 - M. C.
Unemployment could destabilise South African economy Youth Unemployment is a pressing social and economic challenge
The highest level of unemployment in South Africa is amongst young people, with 50.9% of individuals aged between 15 and 24 not being gainfully employed.
26 Apr 2013 - L. D.
From campus to corporate Helping graduates shift into the right gear
South Africa has a high graduate unemployment rate, but online platforms provide potential and recent graduates with access to numerous tools and resources to help them plan and begin their careers.
22 Apr 2013 - S. M.
The missing link Bridging the gap between university and workplace
Adcorp Employment Index March 2013 reported that in 2012, 829 000 vacancies for skilled people were unfilled in the private sector and that 580 000 graduates remained unemployed.
15 Apr 2013
Developing the youth Zuma believes that youth development will benefit the country
Investing in South Africa's youth and paying particular attention to their skills development is key to the country's future economic growth, says President Jacob Zuma.
26 Mar 2013 - C. D.
New hope for unemployed youth Young people are under enormous pressure to find employment
Pressure felt by young people regarding poverty, unemployment and inequality should soon be improved with the promise of R19m to be spent on skills development during the 2013-2014 financial year
20 Mar 2013 - T. S.
Minimum requirements Bulk of unemployed cannot even pass simple screening test
There are many jobs to be had for South Africans, but there are a couple of barriers to entry
08 Mar 2013 - E. F.
Young entrepreneurs Entrepreneurship could aid our lost generation
A transformation audit released last week by the Institute for Justice & Reconciliation (IJR) questions whether youth entrepreneurship, as an alternative to formal employment, has been sufficiently exploited
05 Mar 2013 - J. H.
Getting SA working The unemployment rate should be declared a state of emergency
The recent Census places unemployment at 29.8% while some believe the expanded definition to be closer to 40%.
14 Feb 2013 - C. B.
Resilient dynamism Africa remains one of the few bright spots for economic activity
Developments in infrastructure both physical and financial, and in deeper economic integration, will be key to sustained growth in Africa.
06 Feb 2013 - C. Z.


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