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CAREER SUMMIT Career Summit helps students in selecting the best career option
The Fibre Processing and Manufacturing (FP&M) SETA, acts as an umbrella that is a partnership between government and a body of sectors. These sectors have close ties with
12 Sep 2017
TOO MANY GRADUATES? Trends and issues in SA’s graduate labour market
The #FeesMustFall movement has run riot, and free tertiary education is the demand, but is the higher education system already producing too many graduates? And are there enough
06 Apr 2017
NEW ONLINE RESOURCES New online resource helps graduates land – and keep – their first jobs
A free new online resource is set to change the landscape for post-qualification jobseekers. The World of Work, created by The Independent Institute of Education, has been
20 May 2014
From campus to corporate Helping graduates shift into the right gear
South Africa has a high graduate unemployment rate, but online platforms provide potential and recent graduates with access to numerous tools and resources to help them plan and begin their careers.
22 Apr 2013 - S. M.
The missing link Bridging the gap between university and workplace
Adcorp Employment Index March 2013 reported that in 2012, 829 000 vacancies for skilled people were unfilled in the private sector and that 580 000 graduates remained unemployed.
15 Apr 2013
Don't imitate, innovate Waking the sleeping giant of African innovation
Africa has the intellectual potential to solve all of its major problems, but this is forced into dormancy by lack of support and capacity, says Julius Akinyemi, visiting innovation fellow at the UCT GSB.
04 Apr 2013 - S. M.
SA's unemployed youth Work experience is the silver bullet for youth unemployment
As registrations opened at various tertiary institutions across the country, we are reminded of the reality that work experience is the silver bullet for youth unemployment.
31 Jan 2013 - D. G. L.
A hand up Industry professionals assist unemployed graduates
Statistics show that approximately 200 000 graduates cannot find a job in the present economic climate.
27 Nov 2012 - G. S.
Unemployed graduates The skills shortage continues while graduates remain unemployed
University degrees or diplomas don't, in themselves, hold the promise of jobs for young South Africans as hundreds of thousands of graduates battle to find work.
05 Nov 2012 - C. D.
Rewarding excellence The Council of Stellenbosch University will be awarding 6 honorary degrees
Stellenbosch University is known for producing some of the countries top scholars. This time, it includes the former President of Mozambique as well as 6 honorary graduates.
11 Oct 2012 - D. P.


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