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HIGHER EDUCATION AND TRAINING Interview with the Deputy Minister of Higher Education and Training - Buti Manamela
1. This is your first term serving as Deputy Minister of Higher Education and Training, what does this role entail? The role of the Deputy Minister, working with the Minister, is
09 Apr 2018 - D. T.
OPINION Class of 2014
In a world where higher education is key to employability, Jenny Reid, Managing Director of iFacts, looks at what will become of the half-million South African learners who failed to get matric in 2014.
17 Feb 2015
SKILLS DEVELOPMENT Fuelling Africa's growth
African countries face a formidable challenge in obtaining the skilled resources needed to develop infrastructure, drive economic growth and reduce unemployment.
21 Jul 2014
EMPLOYMENT Youth urged to carve out their own future
Stats SA's recent Youth National and Provincial Labour Market report revealed that for those between the ages of 24 and 34 years, 21.9% held skilled jobs in 2014, compared to 21.2% held in 1994.
16 Jun 2014
SA's unemployed youth Work experience is the silver bullet for youth unemployment
As registrations opened at various tertiary institutions across the country, we are reminded of the reality that work experience is the silver bullet for youth unemployment.
31 Jan 2013 - D. G. L.
An unsteady future South Africa continues to face teething problems
South Africa's economy has shed over a million jobs during the financial downturn, and has since only recovered 670 000.
10 Dec 2012 - C. Z.
Jobs Fund Is the Jobs Fund doing its job?
Government's Jobs Fund has reportedly spent R3 billion since its launch in 2011 to create 745 jobs – but SA still has more than two million job-seekers, according to latest Quarterly Labour Force Survey.
06 Dec 2012
Inovation is key Create your own destiny
Entrepreneurs in South Africa, could dramatically decrease the level of unemployed youth.
09 Jul 2012
Youth wage subsidy Submerged in conflict
Can the youth wage subsidy help alleviate the staggering number of unemployed youth in SA?
05 Jul 2012
Education and training The Youth Wage Subsidy
The youth wage subsidy has been a hot topic in the news recently. Why has the issue of youth unemployment, as opposed to the problem of unemployment overall, come to the fore now and why has it become an issue
12 Jun 2012 - M. B.


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