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Case Study Ifeoma Chikwukwa: How a Teacher became a Nurse!
Ifeoma Chikwuka comes from a big middle-income family, she was born and raised in Enugu, Nigeria, along with her 7 siblings. Her parents ensured they provided the basic
30 Sep 2019
THE FUTURE OF JOBS Focusing on the future of global careers
Focusing on the future of global careers, ‘Mastering the Fourth Industrial Revolution’ was the topic of this year’s World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting
06 Oct 2016
CAREERS Clicking our way through life
Technology has changed every aspect of our lives, how we live, how we play, and how we work. As careers have evolved, we also have to change the way train people to ensure successful and sustainable business.
19 Feb 2015
SURVEY Who's the boss?
Two in five South Africans believe women should stay at home, rather than working outside the home. This according to consumer insights company Pondering Panda.
22 Aug 2014
From campus to corporate Helping graduates shift into the right gear
South Africa has a high graduate unemployment rate, but online platforms provide potential and recent graduates with access to numerous tools and resources to help them plan and begin their careers.
22 Apr 2013 - S. M.


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