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Education has to change and adapt to tomorrow’s world. What should we study for the future workplace?
You wake up in the morning anticipating your bowl of cereal to fuel you for the rest of the day, but find an empty carton of milk. It’s a scenario that may be familiar to
08 Aug 2019 - B. A. R. / O. S.
Cannabis in the Workplace A Drug and Alcohol Policy
Over the past few years, the Western Cape has consistently had a higher accident frequency rate than other regions in the country and, with the average cost of an accident being
04 Apr 2019
MASTER MANAGEMENT SKILLS WITHOUT LEAVING YOUR DESK MasterStart partners with USB-ED to upskill Africa’s leaders online
Rapid change and industry disruption have become the norm in today’s workplace. As a result, more and more executives, business leaders and managers are looking to augment
28 Mar 2018
WOMEN EMPOWERMENT Networks Unlimited takes women empowerment and skills development earnestly
workplace, empowerment, internships, education
18 Aug 2016
HEALTH Business Aids
The impact of HIV/Aids can be seen and felt on all levels of society in SA. When it comes to business, SABCOHA’s Brad Mears knows the complex interplay that poses risks and challenges in industry all too well.
11 May 2015
ACHIEVEMENT Professor completes his third PhD
PhD - It is an acronym that has come to represent hard work, commitment and ultimately, success.
17 Sep 2014
Media Works and eDeaf seek to empower the deaf in the workplace Improvement in deaf education aims to fill employment targets for deaf South Africans
Previously marginalised Deaf community are empowered by finding candidates suitable employment and providing them with the necessary skills to successfully integrate into the hearing world.
30 Apr 2013 - J. B.


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