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RECRUITMENT What are some of the main advantages of using a recruitment agency in 2018?
Many industry commentators have been forecasting the decline of recruitment agencies, in the face of growing competition from job boards, internal recruitment teams and social
15 Jun 2018
HUMAN RESOURCES The cream of the crop
Finding the right fit for your company is taking on a new dynamic as Africa is starting to engage in a talent war of note
16 Mar 2016
HUMAN CAPITAL Attracting top talent
Which companies attract top talent and why? Universum research reveals critical insights.
19 Feb 2016
Identifying scarce skills SA needs to re-evaluate the way it identifies talent
South Africa is suffering from a skills shortage yet the country also has an abundance of untapped potential. The challenge is to discover and unleash that potential in a planned and deliberate manner.
02 May 2013 - J. N.
Importing skills Where is our home-grown talent?
It takes a generation to build up skills sets and if there aren’t any home-grown talent available, the only alternative is to import them.
24 Jan 2013 - D. G.
What are your skills? Skills shortages remain a concern
South Africa's battle with skills shortages, is not a foreign concept and according to a report released by the World Economic Forum and Deloitte, there are 10 million manufacturing positions still unfilled.
19 Oct 2012


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