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ACTING WITH AGILITY 2016 predicted to be the time for HR in South Africa
The year 2016 was predicted to be the time for HR in South Africa to focus. Liezel Pheiffer Blignaut, Director: Human Capital Business Solutions, poses the question “What
18 Apr 2017
ERM: Where are we now? The changing landscape of employment relations in South Africa
SABPP, the endorser of Achiever magazine, partnered with GIBS and Cowan Harper Attorneys on a workshop held at GIBS, where leading thinkers and practitioners in the Employment
06 Apr 2017
HR Automated payroll: taking the pain away from small businesses
One of technology’s key gains is doing away with the time consuming and painful weekly or monthly manual payroll system. Transforming HR and payroll with specialist
13 Jul 2016
ENTREPRENEURSHIP Glimpse into the world of young entrepreneurs
The Anzisha Prize, the premier award for Africa’s best young entrepreneurs, published the Anzisha Youth Entrepreneurship Survey 2016 provided a snapshot of the realities facing young entrepreneurs.
13 May 2016
HUMAN RESOURCES The cream of the crop
Finding the right fit for your company is taking on a new dynamic as Africa is starting to engage in a talent war of note
16 Mar 2016
SABPP Adapting to changing demands
Continuing professional development in the modern world.
15 Feb 2016
SKILLS CEOs to change how they hire people
CEOs are more concerned about the impact of a skills shortage on their business than at any point in the last six years, according to research by PwC.
17 Aug 2015
HR STANDARDS Are you serious about HR and where it is headed?
South African organisations have a rich history of being innovators and pioneers in various functional areas of business .The one area of innovation and pioneering that we have
16 Oct 2014
HR Maintaining a productive team
Companies, in particular human resources, face a monumental challenge today to create and maintain a productive and effective workforce.
19 Aug 2014


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