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HUMAN-LESS OPERATIONS Can they, should they, work in Africa?
In a recent meeting, I was asked to extemporise on the topic of “Human-less Operations” with the underlying theme being how various subsets of Artificial Intelligence
26 Apr 2018
EMAS ADVANCE PERFORMANCE Companies can curb losses by improving SA’s notoriously poor customer service levels
South Africans might be friendly and welcoming people socially…but we’re not always known for friendly, efficient and effective customer service in sectors ranging
29 Jan 2018
TRAINING Making it up as you go along
Applied or non-theatrical improvisation for training in the South African business environment can provide employees with a creative space for self-growth Many of us are familiar
30 Jun 2016 - M. M.
MANAGEMENT Yes, another meeting
Chairmanship and the science behind effective meeting management to effect business productivity.
11 Apr 2016


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