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SARS clarifies what transport services "rendered by the employer" means By Wesley Grimm, an Associate at Webber Wentzel (Assisted by Sergio dos Santos, a Candidate Attorney)
To assist employers and employees with over-coming transport-related difficulties, the Income Tax Act, 1962 (the Act) introduced a mechanism to allow employers to provide
22 May 2019
The cost of illness and absenteeism on your business Absenteeism, presenteeism and the effects of this on our economy
The link between business success and employee well-being is well documented. Ever-increasing pressures on employees are forcing businesses to recognise the importance of enabling
04 Apr 2019
THE FUTURE OF LEARNING IS HERE The Future of Learning is Here
Employee expectations regarding organisational learning mirror their experiences in how they consume content outside of work. In a study conducted by CEB of over 90K learners, 77%
19 Feb 2018
FROM PROSUMERISM TO PROGRAMMING THINKING How tech is shaping the way we do business in 2018
At the beginning of every year, we are inundated by a barrage of content which loftily predicts the “trends” for the next 12-month period. But what causes a trend to
29 Jan 2018
WORKPLACE LEARNING Workplace learning the key to moving South Africa forward
In an ever-changing, developing world, workplace learning should be fast-tracked to up-skill and develop staff to ensure employees remain knowledgeable and informed in key
12 Jun 2017
HR How smart skills development for your employees earns financial rebates
Every SA business with a payroll over R500 000 is obliged by law to pay 1% of their total annual employee remuneration to SARS each year as the Skills Development Levy (SDL). But
21 Jul 2016
HUMAN RESOURCES New challenges
Why HR departments need to keep pace with technology’s accelerating speed.
11 May 2016
BBBEE CODES The more things change… the more things change
In addition to the big ticket amendments presented at PMI’s recent workshops on the Amended BBBEE Codes workshops held in Durban, Port Elizabeth, Cape Town and Johannesburg
11 Jun 2015
EMPLOYEES Managing the risk of financially-stressed employees
Companies, in particular HR, face a monumental challenge today to create and maintain a productive and effective workforce given the draconian labour laws, the staggering
15 May 2014
Skills-starved global economies Employee engagement in sub-saharan Africa trumps developed countries
Seventy-two percent of employees in sub-saharan Africa are considered engaged according to the Sub-Saharan Africa Employee Engagement Survey, the first of its kind for the region.
05 Apr 2013 - T. S.


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