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PITCH AND POLISH Pitch and Polish
The Pitch & Polish platform is designed to give local entrepreneurs the opportunity to have their ideas brainstormed, tested, and challenged. Through the course of the day
26 Oct 2017
THE PERFECT SKILLS SUMMIT & CAREER EXPO - (FP&M) SETA The Perfect Skills Summit and Career Expo
The Fibre Processing and Manufacturing (FP&M) SETA will be hosting the Perfect Skills Summit and Career Expo, which will take place in September 2017. Over 1500 High school
11 Sep 2017
WORKPLACE LEARNING Workplace learning the key to moving South Africa forward
In an ever-changing, developing world, workplace learning should be fast-tracked to up-skill and develop staff to ensure employees remain knowledgeable and informed in key
12 Jun 2017
YOUTH So what is youth development?
Understanding Youth Development: A Local Government Perspective, by Tsholofelo Koopedi, Managing Director of the UJ-NYDA Institute As we move towards the fourth democratic local
14 Jul 2016
BUSINESS Green lending - A new green fund has been launched to promote entrepreneurship in an environmentally responsible manner
When looking at the most developed economies around the world, they have all gone through a period of economic growth that has revolved around the concept of entrepreneurship, in
14 Jul 2016 - N. A.
MARKETING Direct opportunities
Direct marketing is creating real opportunities for all South Africans.
18 Apr 2016
PROFILE A global career in hospitality
Darin Davies left on a ‘working holiday’ in 2001, with every intention of returning to his career in the hotel industry here. Instead, he found a world keen to recognise talent and positive attit
13 Apr 2016
Supply and demand South Africa lacks skilled workers
The typical environment that many corporates encounter when recruiting in large volumes is that there is an oversupply of unskilled labour.
28 Sep 2012


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