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TECHNOLOGY The future of education
The technology in our country is fast moving to accommodate students to have access to digital learning techniques. Already there are schools where students use their laptops or
25 Feb 2020
E-LEARNING INSIGHTS 2017 - TRAINING WORKSHOP If you are in the training industry don’t miss this one!
eLearning Insights 2017 is the place for learning professionals to gain insights into current and future industry trends. Join us for an inspirational session with 2 of the
11 Aug 2017
ENTREPRENEURSHIP Income and skills development: How micro-jobbing can impact the economy
Thousands of young graduates can’t find jobs in South Africa. Unemployment in the country in general is a significant problem, with the current rate at 26.7%. In
23 Aug 2016
TRAINING Cheaper online
Training staff is getting easier and cheaper with e-learning.
06 May 2015
E-LEARNING Ambitious project launched
The new KOLOK Education Solution (K-ED) will utilise the existing railroad fibre optics infrastructure to provide connectivity to schools nationwide.
30 Apr 2015
Back to the future Building on past mistakes
History shows the best way to improve education is to embrace future technology.
16 Jul 2012
Digital Learning Online learning revolution
Online learning is a topic of conversation dominating the field of education worldwide
05 Jul 2012 - E. R.


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