Collaboration of global talent marks World Youth Skills Day in South Africa


Over the course of the last week, four international student teams representing South Africa, Australia, India and the United States of America have worked together to design and install a series of new communal toilet facilities for the residents of Extension 1 Diepsloot, in collaboration with WASSUP Diepsloot, (Water Amenities Sanitation Services Upgrade Programme), a dedicated volunteer and nonprofit organization.

Teams worked tirelessly through a range of unique challenges specific to the local environment.  Mostly working against the clock, against difficult conditions, the teams worked together with local partners on the ordering and sourcing of local materials, equipment, and tools to assist in the organization and planning of schedules to find collaborative solutions for the new communal toilet facilities.

By taking part in the challenge, the young skilled champions pushed themselves to the limit of their abilities and developed new skills and understanding which will assist them in their respective professions and professional careers as plumbers, architects, welders and engineers.

“We believe the impact that CPC2016 leaves on the Diepsloot community will keep this project going for a longer period of time.  The forging of new partnerships makes small community actions much stronger and more long term,” states Sean Kearney IAPMO International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officers) International Project Leader.

Further highlights of the CPC2016 included collaboration between local teams and global partners, a Science and Engineering Forum held with Johannesburg Water, and official visits from representatives of participating countries.

“It’s the global, national and local collaborations that make CPC2016 work; none of this can be done alone,” concluded Kearney.

The 2016 edition of the CPC will conclude at the World Plumbing Conference which takes place from 15-16 September in Cape Town. There, the performance of the communal toilet designs will be showcased, based on the results of data logging and water metering of the new designs over the next two months.

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