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The Pitch & Polish platform is designed to give local entrepreneurs the opportunity to have their ideas brainstormed, tested, and challenged. Through the course of the day they receive valuable feedback and insights – and win cash prizes! The format includes both a workshop and competition element. It is very much a lateral-thinking national business competition, exposing would-be entrepreneurs to entrepreneurial training and thinking, helping entrepreneurs turn their business or business idea into a success. It is a unique platform and search for the wonderful hidden entrepreneurial gems in South Africa.


Allon Raiz, CEO of Raizcorp, a company deeply involved in supporting entrepreneurs, recognised the
great need to develop entrepreneurs and became committed to providing existing and potential
small business owners (SMMEs) with entrepreneurial thinking and knowledge. He designed a
dynamic programme, Pitch & Polish, which was launched in 2010 throughout the country. The prime
objective for Pitch & Polish is to help entrepreneurs in towns and cities across South Africa polish
their business pitch.

Pitch & Polish Sponsors:

  • Raizcorp is, according to The Economist, the only genuine incubator in Africa. However, they prefer to think of themselves as a Prosperator™ rather than an incubator. They provide business support for enthusiastic, growth-hungry entrepreneurs, offering them a platform that fosters learning and guidance, which can be translated into practical business success. They also offer partnership opportunities, providing invaluable business guidance and support for your business. They guarantee you results! And, for Corporate Sponsors, they provide access to quality suppliers for Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD). To find out more about Raizcorp’s entrepreneur support programme, telephone 011 566 2000 or visit their website at www.raizcorp.com
  • Engen Petroleum Ltd. in South Africa focuses on the downstream refined petroleum products market and related businesses. The company’s core functions are the refining of crude oil, the marketing of primary refined petroleum products and the provision of convenience services via their extensive retail network. For more information about Engen visit www.engen.co.za
  • Nedbank is a bank with extensive experience in serving small business and continues to invest in practical solutions for those who are starting a business, running an established business or looking to expand. For more information visit www.nedbank.co.za

Pitch & Polish media partner:

  • Caxton Publishers is an unconventional business success story. By doing things differently and better for over four decades, they have grown from small beginnings into one of the largest publishers and printers in South Africa. Their roots are deeply embedded in the country, and their heritage directly and indirectly correlates with that of many of South Africa's original printing giants. They remain the maverick company of their early days, continuing to push the boundaries and display a free-spirited flair for print. The total number of titles falling under their local newspaper division, either company owned or major partnerships, in excess of 140 publications. The geographic spread of Caxton Local Papers’ includes; Gauteng, Mpumalanga, Limpopo, North West, Kwazulu-Natal, Western Province (Garden Route), Free State and the Northern Cape. The total weekly distribution exceeds two million.

Format of the event:

  • Participants take part in a free day-long competition-based workshop
  • Pre-registration is required to be a participant and/or contestant
  • On the day contestants “pitch” their business idea to the audience
  • A facilitator gives tips and guidance, helped by the audience, to “polish” the pitch until the contestants have a professional and in-depth presentation
  • The audience are primed to role-play as bankers and investors and interact throughout the day with valuable feedback
  • The event culminates in the contestants giving their final three-minute pitch
  • It is a learning environment and opportunity for both the contestants and participants
  • Both contestants and audience discover how to produce a compelling, well-rounded presentation
  • It’s fun, stimulating and motivational

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