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Free online learning material available.
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Attaining a tertiary qualification is seldom a reality for those within the disadvantaged communities. This is one of the main factors that affect the skills shortages in South Africa. 

One of the leading business schools, Regenesys Business School, is the first to offer free business education after a certificate, diploma and bachelor degree qualification and at MBA level.

Students will have access to all learning materials online. This is a positive step forward and could assist the change for education in the country from textbook crisis to digital learning. Learners will be able to continue their studies, free of charge, regardless of their location, via their smartphone, tablet or personal computer.

Brett Cousins, director at Regenesys, described the move by the school as "revolutionary", saying it would open the doors of learning for everyone, not only to people who plan to advance to executive levels, but also to entrepreneurs, school leavers and anyone who wants access to top quality business knowledge and tools from a reputable institution.

“The free education model is based on a "freemium" model, which essentially provides anyone full access to Regenesys’ intellectual property in the form of free learning material, tutoring videos, study guides, eBooks, webinars, academic articles, e-learning technical support and much more across all business qualifications. By registering online, students enjoy unlimited access to these learning materials at no cost.

"If the student decides to obtain an accredited qualification, options exist within the "freemium" model for students to submit assignments, write examinations or attend classes, which is a paid for service. This also allows a student the freedom to complete a qualification module by module according to their own time requirements,” says Cousins.

Each year thousands of school leavers struggle to obtain employment or are unable to further their studies. Student no longer need to wait for the university gates to open. Access to tertiary education is at anyone’s fingertips.

“Our goal is to educate one million people in the next three years,” Cousins concludes.

“Regardless of one’s location or financial means, everyone should have access to life-long learning and development opportunities,” he said.

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