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PRAVIN GORDHAN'S BUDGET PULLS OF A BALANCING ACT Budget Speech 2017/18 cushions the blows of a weak economy for the poor and asks the wealthy to pay more
With South African government facing a R28 billion shortfall in tax revenue collection, Budget Speech 2017/8 was never going to have much good news for consumers and business
23 Feb 2017
BUDGET On the money
Taking a look at eight focus points of the budget speech 2016/178
24 Mar 2016
Tax relief for tax payers Gordhan delivered no surprises
Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan delivered no surprises in his Budget Speech on 26 February, favouring consistency and steadiness over change and fireworks ahead of the national election on 7 May.
27 Feb 2014
Debating SA's economic standing Finance minister Pravin Gordhan believes economic success is based on politics
South Africa faces high levels of unemployment and skills shortages at the same time, deploring the country's education system. All successful countries have one thing in common: they invest in education.
28 Mar 2013 - J. D.
Work the budget Insights from Budget Watch 2013
Following this year's Budget Speech, KPMG hosted Budget Watch 2013 – looking at the implications for the delivery of the National Development Plan
01 Mar 2013 - L. M.
Education week Putting the budget to good use
South Africa’s education system, still faces many challenges. This includes teacher training and development and the implementation of technology in schools.
06 Jul 2012


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