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The SA Council for Business Women (SACBW), a non-profit organisation since 1985, represents successful business women nationally. As part of their commitment in the role of uplifting and recognising women for their outstanding accomplishments in business, they want to give these women valued credit at the annual Business Woman of the Year competition.

The council is challenging all business women whether it is their own business, corporate or NGO to enter for this prestigious title.

This organisation’s objective is to grow their footprint in South Africa and to have a SACBW branch in every town. Since its inception the prestigious “SACBW Business Woman of the Year” award has recognised the accomplishments of outstanding women in business in South Africa.

The women goes through a judging process with criteria to have been in business for a minimum of 3 years, comply with all legal requirements for running a business and have to be a female. Once finalists has been chosen they will be short listed, be invited for a regional interview followed by a national interview, which then leads to the final event where the winners will be announced.

The three categories that avid business women can enter to is Entrepreneur, which is for all women in business holding at least 50% ownership. This category include franchise type businesses and any other type of business or organisation where the entrepreneurial skills of the individual are needed to ensure its success and growth.

The Professional category, which is for professional women who have their own practice/business or at least a 50% partnership in the practice or business. And lastly is the Corporate category, this includes women in corporate business, government and para-statal, as well as professional women who do not have their own practice/business but form part of a company, corporation or organisation. All women in this category need to have a budget and staff compliment that they are required to manage.

Entries for this competition closes on 30 June. This finalists will be invited to the congress and gala dinner on 12 September 2015 in Pretoria. This evening is always one for the social calendar as they have multiple interesting and prestigious speakers to address the ladies where they will then announce the winners in the categories of Entrepreneur, Professional and Corporate.

The SA Council for Business Women’s slogan “Unlocking potential” is key to their organisation as it is the explicit goal to see women grow to their full potential, reach their goals and succeed in business.

For more information on how to enter the competition, please click here or send an e-mail to vicebwoy@sacbw.org.

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