by Samantha Fryer

Transfer your skills

Developing your skills can create job opportunities

Develop your skills
Transferable skills provide job opportunities

There are those who spend years and great expense in order to obtain that specific degree, only to find themselves working in a completely different field or beginning a job that is exactly in line with what they studied but is nothing like what they had expected it to be. 

The job market is open to both qualified workers as well as those with working experience. The question you should ask yourself is "What are my transferable skills?"

Switching from one job to another, within a five year gap, is not as uncommon as it might have been 10 years ago. People simply find better opportunities along the way or move from a position in which they have reached their growth limit.

Transferable skills are the skills that can be beneficial to both you and a future employer. Good communication, project co-ordination, financial management and competent use of computer software are all examples of skills that can be transferred to any type of job.

Looking at previous experiences such as volunteer work, past jobs, course work or even day-to-day activities can help you discover these skills. The onus is on you to prove to your future employer that your skills can be useful to them and their business.

The reason these skills may not be obvious is because they are not specific to any job. By first looking at the job you are aspiring towards, and determining which abilities will be needed to do that job well, you will be able to look over your experiences and decide how what you have done before will relate to what you want to do next.

Often job descriptions will differ drastically from reality; your job title may say very little about what your actual role entails. Instead of merely stating that you worked as a call centre agent, showcase on your CV that you know how to handle complaints, multitask and keep a level head in a crisis.

Developing your transferable skills will not only increase your employability but will help you to stay employed and advance in your career. Many employers are looking to hire people who show diversity in their skill set and who are willing to learn in order to continuously improve and update their abilities.


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