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By no means do managers have an easy task ahead of them.  The challenges they face when it comes to inspiring a workforce are immense, from employing and keeping their staff motivated, to keeping up with technology which changes at a rapid rate while using admin intensive legacy systems.  It is in this light that a recently introduced offering heralds the evolution of people management into People Resource Planning (PRP) Solutions.

 The service offering is built on four pillars; it is a cloud-based solution, which is a real time management enabler, that integrates existing ERP and legacy systems, including time and attendance and payroll, and efficient and reliable biometric technology.

Chairman of PRP Solutions, Grenville Wilson, is confident that this proudly South African innovation will change the face of leadership culture and people productivity – the latter being the country’s biggest opportunity for growth.

 “We devised the solution with people in mind.  The solution is technology agnostic. It is clever in that it gathers its source data from all existing legacy systems and biometric devices as well as a broad range of third-party input devices.  Management at all levels in an organisation are able to access the information generated by the solution from any platform – from mobile smart phones to desktops, and view the information in real-time.  Based on the data it collects, reports are generated and customised to an organisation’s specific requirements and made available to managers to use on an exception basis allowing them to make immediate and informed decisions.

 “The technology is unique as it also has a sophisticated rules engine which can be customised to meet specific requirements, configured to process permanent and temporary payrolls, which enables the manager to focus on the important leadership tasks of staff mentorship and coaching,” said Wilson.

The dynamic solution offered by PRP empowers managers to manage large workforces remotely, and in diverse work environments for organisations with widespread geographic footprints.  “We cater for the effective management of any permanent or temporary workforce regardless of size, and offer managers the ability of allowing reliable technology to take care of business automation and ultimately their company’s bottom line, while focusing on the well-being of their people and productivity. 

“Complete visibility is offered of the workforce that no other individual solution can provide, as the work is being done. This improves people productivity, enabling better decision-making and problem resolution at a management level.  As a challenge arises, it can be resolved immediately.  “The system is also able to generate accurate and automated timesheets, and it interfaces with leading industry-standard ERP and proprietary legacy systems,” said Wilson. 

 PRP Solutions has a client base which includes leading, blue-chip, multi-national organisations. “In every environment where we have implemented our solution, we have managed to save our clients between 10-30% in unplanned overtime costs, 5-15% on payroll costs and have improved productivity by up to 15% simply by eliminating inefficiencies,” he added.

The administrative burden of the management of large workforces can be eased with the right application of the solution, enabling improved operational efficiencies.


“Our clients are experiencing this, and our solutions show that better management can result in millions of rands of savings,” concluded Grenville. 

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