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SABPP to build capacity in implementing the new South African Human Resource Management System and Standards.

Following the phenomenal success of the launch in 2013 of the SA Board for People Practices’ HRM System Model and Standards, over 2000 HR practitioners have attended public workshops on the Standards, the vast majority of SA universities and colleges have adopted the Standards and SABPP’s National HR Competency Model as the bases for their HR curricula. And many overseas educational and professional institutions have expressed endorsement and enthusiasm.

The HRM Standards and Competency Model are therefore now well established as the framework for good HRM practice in South Africa. The next phase of the project is now starting, which is to build capacity in organisations to implement the Standards and to proceed to the ultimate step of being audited and, if successful, certificated by the SABPP as meeting the Standards.

The HRM Standards have had a very enthusiastic reception and the SABPP is working to spread the message widely across South Africa and other African countries. The aim is to involve every organisation and every HR practitioner in the project.

While the SABPP is encouraging a wide distribution, it is important that consistency and quality is maintained to ensure the best use of the HRM Standards. Public and in-house workshops are being rolled out through a partnership approach. The SABPP is building a range of partnerships with consulting and training organisations throughout Africa to train in-house facilitators and external auditors. The aim is to have as many partnerships as possible.

There is therefore be a network of accredited consultants who can offer assistance to organisations with gap analyses of present HRM practice against the Standards, formulation of plans to fill gaps and assessment of readiness to be audited. Thereafter, the SABPP’s new Audit Unit will offer independent certification audits for the prestigious National HR Standards award.

The SABPP is making sure that a range of trained and accredited consultants are available, all of whom meet professional standards, but can offer services affordable to all types of organisations.
The use of the HRM Standards and National HR Competency Model by trainers and consultants who lack the necessary training and exposure to the use of the material is of concern to the SABPP.

Organisations and HR practitioners are advised to ensure that they engage only with accredited providers when they look for external assistance in implementing the Standards. Public and in-house workshops endorsed by the SABPP will always carry the SABPP logo in partnership with the provider and if there is any doubt of the authenticity of the workshop, the SABPP can be contacted for verification.

Marius Meyer

Contact the SABPP to obtain a list of trained and accredited providers by emailing or phoning the SABPP’s Executive Office on 011 045 5400.

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