Do you suffer from dysfunctional analytics?

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An informed decision, is a better decision. By using the right analytics, you can put intelligence into action helping you increase profitability, enhance productivity and deliver a superior return on your marketing investment.

But the burning question is, how do you know if your company’s analytics is failing? And if you find out, how do you remedy the problem? Dysfunctional analytics can either be an obvious or latent condition depending on the situation, but C-Suite executives should be aware when symptoms of dysfunction emerge and move quickly to deal with it. The cost of misinformed decisions can be greater than the opportunity loss of having no information to begin with.

Top 5 Symptoms of Analytics Dysfunction:

1.       You have fought valiant battles, paid expensive consultants, purchased a crazy amount of software/data and achieved an implementation grading that is quickly followed by: “Gosh! Where is my ROI from all of this?”

2.       You don’t know which marketing activity is responsible for your customer’s actions (half your campaign budget is wasted, but which half?)

3.       An inability to identify trends, behaviours and actions that influence customers financial actions

4.       A lack of integrated processes as information is silo-ed across departments

5.       An inability to find correlations between  existing customer purchase behaviour to influence future spending

Effective Intelligence (EI), South Africa’s leading analytical marketing solutions provider, has the proven methodologies in prioritizing your analytics “pain points” through a consultative approach.  Managing profitable customer relationships is a journey that requires planning, knowledge and experience.

The EI Solution:

1.       Best-in-class services for a data driven world

a.       Data impacts every aspect of your business, internally and externally. You want it to be complete, accurate and ready to use because your success depends on it. Every single customer and prospect matters and the better the quality of your data, the better your chances using analytics to understand and connect with them. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to ensuring that you get the cleanest, most accurate data possible to power your marketing initiatives.

2.       Your Success = Our Success 

a.       Together with a senior level executive, EI collectively assists with providing fresh insights to influence your analytics strategy (including agreeing key objectives and metrics), how it will be implemented, what needs to be implemented, when it should be implemented etc. We share the risk on all campaigns undertaken on behalf of our clients. Ultimately, our success is dependent on yours.

3.       Proven Methodologies and Systems that work

a.       EI has the right blend of skills, resources and technology to assist marketers to harness the full value in customer data. While the technology exists to collect, manage, normalize, and visualize data, it should not be regarded as the analytics solution.  It is an ‘enabler’ and a tool. Data analytics and the ability to apply business intelligence to strategic application remains very much a human function.

4.       No capital investment

a.       Whether you are looking for regular industry insight and an informed perspective or need more comprehensive support in the form of consulting, we can make data, analytics and engagement marketing work harder for you…and your bottom line. Accelerate your data-driven marketing efforts quickly and efficiently. Chat to us for an obligation free meeting to discuss your challenges and our risk-sharing solutions.

Press Release Issued by Effective Intelligence

Effective Intelligence® is the market leader in developing and implementing proven analytical data intelligence solutions. We help extract maximum value from customer and business data to help our clients solve their enterprise business problems in areas including strategy, marketing, risk, fraud and operational data management. Combining experts in analytics, software development and specialist data practices, Effective Intelligence® offers organisations accuracy in strategic business planning by transforming data into insights. Effective Intelligence's proven intelligent software technology is the result of decade's worth of experience in innovative design and data quality specialisation that is built into the business rules and algorithms we employ. The architectural flexibility enables industry-specific solutions and departmental benefits that solve a wide range of business challenges. Since inception Effective Intelligence® has been recognised by prominent businesses as a trusted analytical data partner. Our diversified customer base includes several Top Performing companies, nominated Business Leaders of 2011, one of the largest private hospital groups in the world, one of South Africa's largest financial services groups, the top 5 non-food retailers and the two largest telecoms companies in South Africa. Our specialist data bureau processes hundreds of millions of data records annually and this substantial capability enables us to transform and analyse client data in order to provide faster results and insights into complex problems requiring appropriate business solutions and decisions.

Contact: 0861 000 452

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