Marketing Automation – An Essential Tool for Modern Marketing

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Marketing automation is not another buzzword, it has taken its place in the business world as an essential tool in today’s digital marketing era. It is not just about helping marketing or automating e-mail either. Marketing Automation is the enabler of TRUE customer centricity.

Simply put – ‘It gets the right message to the right person, using the right channel and device, at the right time.’

Most marketers work in the area or channel they are most comfortable with. Some are highly proficient in social media, others focus more on story-telling and content creation. However, customer focused marketing really works best when all your channels work in a single harmonious collaboration. 

Easier said than done, right?

Marketers today are responsible for creating an Omni-channel customer experience, building awareness and driving loyalty for on-going retention. Furthermore, you are required to provide sales teams with highly qualified leads and potentially take accountable for revenue generation. Indeed, from the interpretation of big data and unstructured data, to dealing with operational silos and the lack of integration between systems – marketing must manage it all!

At Engagement Factory, South Africa's leading marketing automation consultancy, we understand the heavy pressures marketers face to engage with customers throughout their journey and life cycle. The rise of digital channels and the new opportunities they introduce to marketers, has changed the marketing game – drastically. We bring experts to the table to help you achieve your business objectives by supporting and training marketing teams who decide to embark on this exciting modern marketing journey. 

Join us for our webinar on 10th May, ( where we discuss how we can assist you with your marketing automation requirements.

Let’s get rid of those niggly, mundane tasks and give you more time to focus on innovation!

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