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Life's too short

Life expectancy reduced due to HIV/Aids – Motsoaledi

Life expectancy in SA is low, mainly because of the rate of HIV/Aids
National Department of Health for Vision 2030.

Health Minister Doctor Aaron Motsoaledi was among the speakers at the five-day orientation process for the newly-appointed Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) in the health sector.

“Life expectancy in the country is low, one reason is because of the rate of HIV and Aids,” he said. He was speaking in reference to the deterioration of the healthcare system and the country’s healthcare facilities. “As part of our diagnostic programme, in future we want to see people live to the age of 70 and over”.

A total of 102 CEOs were appointed for the posts in central, tertiary, regional and district hospitals. These CEOs were chosen as part of the overhauling and re-engineering of the public health system which was in accordance with the ten-point plan of the National Department of Health for Vision 2030.

“Today we start a long journey towards better healthcare management in the country. One mistake we made was to believe that democracy would demolish apartheid,” said Motsoaledi.

He said government’s Vision 2030 plan outlined that SA’s healthcare system had been in a 'crisis'. 

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