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Mandela Day 2012
Mandela Day 2012
Mandela day 2012, saw millions of people around the world, giving 67 minutes of their time, to do something good for the less fortunate. What made this day even more phenomenal is that fact that after heavy rains, for most of the month, we experienced a beautiful summers day. It's definitely something to think about.

The staff of Cape Media Corporation utilised their 67 minutes to give back to the community. It was a humbling experience for many of as they arrived at the Ivy Nyovane creche in Nyanga on International Mandela Day.

The plan was to help establish the first phase of a vegetable garden compliments of Cape Media Corporation and Hart Nursery. We also chose to provide a healthy lunch to the 250 school kids from the Linge primary school and the tots from the creche, compliments of Pick n Pay Kenilworth Centre.

What was more important and far more rewarding to see was our staff members taking to heart the importance of playing, painting, holding hands, singing, dancing and laughing with these children. Another key focus of Cape Media was to help clean the litter in the immediate surrounds of the creche and the greater area.

Mama Esther, the mother of the creche was astounded by the amount of people who arrived and was touched to see that others cared about the work she was doing. We were honored to be assisting Karina Anderson from the SmilingOne Foundation and Sonja Kruse, better known as the Ubuntu Girl.

In honour of Madiba turning 94 years old, 67 minutes to spend doing something good is a no time at all in comparison to the 27 years he spent in prison, but the experience was priceless for Cape Media but mostly for the children who have been given hope that there are people in their world who care about them.

It was a good day.

We would love to hear what yo u did for your 67 minutes. Email us at: ro fill in the comment section below.
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