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In this critical time of continental integration, and the reconfiguration of the world order; there is a need for us, the young and upcoming thinkers and achievers of South Africa, to address the matters of development from a place of expansive innovation and industrialisation. Achiever Magazine is providing a platform which aims to connect people aiming to advance South Africa in the spirit of innovation and selfless service.

It is with the tool of collective engagement that the issue of skills development in our country must be addressed. We must ask ourselves the fundamental question of what it is we mean by skills development; and moreover, what is the measuring stick for achievement in our society. The standard and quality of life in our nation can only be improved by how far we are willing to engage these aforementioned factors.

We will need an outlook from both private and public sector that allows for the possibility of the underdeveloped areas becoming vibrant areas of commerce and industry.

It is essential that we strive to develop and maintain reliable, sustainable, environmentally friendly and affordable infrastructure in both rural and urban areas with a focus on land, water and air transport and storage facilities, clean water and sanitation, energy, waste management and Information and Communication Technologies.

It is thus important that we have a heart of a social entrepreneur; understanding that the fruits of many of our labours may not necessarily be ours to enjoy, but rather be part of the inheritance of the generations to whom we will hand over the inheritance of South Africa.

all that we need to improve South Africa is right here in this beloved nation of ours. The realization of our country’s aspiration towards an equitable society rests in our will to dig deep into our hearts for the inspiration that goes beyond ourselves and appreciate the higher calling to which we are all mandated to answer.

May you be inspired towards excellence through service in the reading of this publication.

Yours in Service

Deputy Presiding Officer Economic, Social and Cultural Council (ECOSOCC) African Union

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