Feenix is an innovative university crowdfunding platform encouraging South Africans to actively contribute to the country's missing middle students and help them complete their education.

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The Feenix platform allows tertiary students in need of funding to create a profile on which they can tell their story and appeal to potential funders to contribute to their outstanding university fees. Donations from individuals and businesses can either pay for a specific student, or contribute to a pool fund that is disbursed to students that meet the B-BBEE Socio Economic criteria. To donate, funders simply need to visit the Feenix website at www.feenix.org, decide on the recipient of their donation and then follow the payment prompts.

Feenix has raised over R7 million to date and provided funding for over 250 students’ studies which would not have been possible without the many generous individual and business donors who have used the Feenix platform, contributing towards South African education and supplying these worthy students with these valuable resources.

As a registered PBO, all donations to Feenix students are tax deductible and any skills development or socio-economic spend contributed through the platform provides not only a future for our country but also an effective and efficient way to make sure you remain on top of your B-BBEE score.

Donations big and small will allow Feenix to continue the work of securing the future for the next
generation of educated South Africans.

For more information on the benefits of donating through Feenix for you or your business visit https://feenix.org/faq or contact our business benefits team on +27 21 286 3386.

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