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Achiever Issue 44

Nadia Gamielden
Nadia Gamieldien
A wise man once told me: you need to live with a love of learning; be a student from the cradle to the grave. I have always considered that to be a suitable mantra at times when my alter ego believes it knows everything. No two people are the same, therefore not everyone has a studious nature. Regardless of whether your focus is inspired by theory or practice, you can always find a way to learn new things. As the world evolves, so should we.
In my pursuit of being a ‘student of life’, I have decided to add yet another qualification to my CV. This year I once again enter the world of bustling students, preparing for exams and reaching project deadlines.
When we reflect on the working world, it is clear that we need to drive constant learning principles. 
You cannot expect to graduate tertiary education, find employment and then get stuck in a routine. How will you grow as an individual? Graduating is but the first step.
Companies need to constantly provide their staff with learning tools, training them to not only execute their tasks, but to exceed expectations. Your employees should feel empowered, and nothing builds self-esteem as much as knowledge and wisdom.
It would not be wise to limit the growth of your staff. If you do, they will look to companies where growth is possible. It is in our nature to evolve and improve ourselves.
Our country has made many international headlines, some not as positive as we would have hoped. There have been constant references to the ongoing strikes, wage increases and employment. President Jacob Zuma has made it a priority to create more jobs, yet we find our unemployment rate heading in a downward spiral. 
We have shed more jobs within the last two quarters than we have created. The debate on whether or not entrepreneurship is the key to job creation continues.
Experts believe that with sufficient training, we can get people employed and that there are jobs available on a daily basis. Yet, our workforce remains at a disadvantage.
Is there such a thing as being overqualified? Surely if one is overqualified, then it shows one’s dedication to learn.
What we need to remember is that by doing one thing each day, we form a routine that becomes a habit – this can later turn into a lifestyle. Regardless of what your goal is, start slowly each day. It is simply a case of mind over matter. If you set a goal and convince yourself it is possible, then it will be a matter of time before you achieve your goal. 
Many companies are currently crunching numbers and working out profits as they reach the end of their financial year. Some may decide to change their approach or, in worst-case scenarios, their staff. If you prove yourself to be an asset to the company, you can ultimately influence its future success.
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