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As the new editor of Achiever magazine, taking over the baton from the talented Lindsay King, I've come to realise that you truly don't know what you're capable of doing until you are pushed out of your comfort zone. 

As I begin this journey, I will endeavour to bring you the same great content that has become synonymous with Achiever Magazine.  

Studying Journalism has always been my dream and passion. Being an editor of a publication that is rich in content and important for people to know about, has taught me many things. It has tested me and pushed me to become more confident in what I do on a daily basis and has given me new perspective on the dire need for Skills, Training and Development in South Africa for a better, more prosperous economic future. 

This position has given me the opportunity to engage with various people within the Skills Development arena, and as this journey continues I hope to continue and grow these relationships.

Skills development in various sectors is something we are all well aware of, but while putting together this edition of Achiever magazine, it became more clear as to how important skills development really is. It is up to all of us to determine where we will go as individuals and as a country.

This edition covers various topics that have stood out for me while chasing content, looking for contributors and responding to so many emails.

I kept trying to figure out what it is about skills development that we really need to know about, not only as individuals but as a country, whose main goal is to better ourselves and our role we play in the various industries.

The cover story speaks volumes about where we are at as a country currently and where we need to be in the future. I felt it was relevant because we really need to do whatever it takes to develop our skills set before our country is fully dependent on machines and robots to do the jobs that we are fully capable of if we really apply ourselves and never stop wanting to better ourselves.

Welcome to my new journey, I hope that it informs, teaches you and encourages you to continuously develop your skills set for whichever industry you find yourself in.

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