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The most accurate word to describe the 2017 Gartner Digital Marketing conference would be “Inspirational”. From the Keynotes, to the exhibition hall, Gartner excelled in providing content that was both valuable, and fun!

The event kicked-off with Scott Galloway, L2 Founder and Clinical Professor of brand strategy and digital marketing. Scott emphasises how we, as marketers, face a mammoth task in making sure customers always have the best possible brand experience. Furthermore, highlighting how important it is to create a unique, seamless and high quality interaction at every touch point, both online and offline. This is quite a tall order, and far easier said than done. However, fear not, the tools and knowledge you need to achieve this are out there. It's time to empower Marketers to seek out, learn, and embrace what is possible. 

To get started, you need the right tools for the job

Basically, one size doesn't fit all, the right technology stack must meet the unique marketing needs of your business. Gartner industry analyst, Kirsten Newbold-Knipp, says most Marketers have the basics and combine a variety of systems such as: Web Content management, Multichannel Campaign marketing, Lead management and Digital Marketing analytics. She cleverly points out that incorporating Mobile Marketing, Testing and Attribution, Ad Verification, and Prediction systems, presents even greater opportunities.

Martech is only 20% of the solution, the rest is customer experience

Jennifer Polk, a Gartner researcher, explained this beautifully in her Marketing GPS presentation on how to measure each touchpoint of your customer journey. Furthermore, using a real-life example, she explained how important it is to continue the customer journey, even after the customer has purchased your product, to create a true advocate and a love for your brand.

Conferences are all about the Keynotes

One of Gartner's keynotes, by well-known London born photographer Platon Antoniou, reinforces my description of this event, "Inspirational". Through his series of exceptional photos, Platon took us through a roll coaster of emotions. We laughed out loud listening to his amazing encounters with Michelle Obama, Bill Clinton and David Beckham. However, we shed many tears with the stories of fallen American war hero's and African rape victims. The experience was moving, thoughtful and once again, inspiring. 

Artificial Intelligence continues to grow

New revolutions in IOT devices and voice activated technologies leads to the availability of new products such as the Alexa Echo or Dot, and Google Home. IOT is truly taking shape around us and Marketers have a responsibility to embrace, discover and utilize these tools to once again improve the customers journey and brand engagement. Predictive technologies find unique opportunities through the vast array of customer data collected by our digital footprints. Previously impossible, we can now identify unique patterns in data, and drive actions directly from them. As a result, A.I. is real a game changer for those willing to embrace it. Allen Nance, CMO at Emarsys, articulates this to us perfectly during an exceptional showcase on the power, and future of AI technologies.

The final keynote: Obsession

Josh Linkner, a successful entrepreneur of dozens of start-ups, inspired us once again in the final keynote of the event. His presentation was exciting, the content engaging and most importantly, the message was clear. Basically, to be successful as a marketer, we need to embrace the following behaviour: 

  1. Curiousness – about everything
  2. Craving what is next – think beyond the now
  3. Defying tradition – who said this is the only way
  4. Getting Scrappy – hard work and perseverance
  5. Adapting fast – don’t wait too long, evolve or die

Ticking all the boxes

The Gartner Digital Marketing conference 2017 was a huge success, from perfectly assembled content, to knowledgeable, well-prepared speakers. To conclude, Marketing technology is vital to the success of our businesses! Consequently, we must improve our knowledge of technology, to enhance the customer journey and their interaction with our brands. Furthermore, although we now have lots of data everywhere, the important part is to extract insights that improve products, services and customer engagement.

Thank you, Gartner. I look forward to next year!

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