It’s over… it’s not me, it’s you…

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Dear Brand X,

It’s not that you’ve changed, it’s that you haven’t changed. I need to know that you are committed to me. I need to know if you are in a relationship with me and need to establish what your degree of passion toward me is. I don’t feel as if you’re trying to woo me anymore. I don’t feel any emotional, heart-felt connections happening between us. Do you still think of me? Am I still important to you?

I want us to work on our relationship because I need you to realise that I am not like everyone else. I want you to have a personal relationship with me, with that I mean talk to me personally. I am human after-all, and sometimes my moods and habits change. You sometimes write to me and sometimes call, but you don’t know me anymore.

Connection matters to me. I won’t just automatically come back time after time. I need you to communicate with me in a way that reinforces the strong bond we once shared. I wasn’t cheating on you – but you don’t seem to reward me for my “loyalty” anymore. Need I remind you that trust is the “glue” that holds relationships together. It’s by doing what you said you would. When you said you’d call, I expected you to – not send me a message via Facebook!!

I thought we were building something incredible here. I used to talk about you to my friends – you were “the one”. But your retention and attention span on me seems to have disappeared– where did you lose me? Talking to me too often won’t annoy me if you keep finding ways to engage with me in a relevant, authentic and meaningful way. I loved your personality, which is why I kept returning… but I’m not convinced that you will take care of me.

Instead of asking what can you take from me, (you’re emotionally draining me now), have you considered asking yourself what value can you bring to my life now? How can you speed up the engagement process to benefit me? Knowing what you know about me and the memories we shared, how can you help me to plan future scenarios that will be beneficial to the both of us? Do you know where to focus your engagement efforts with me and what would turn me on?

I think our relationship is slowly moving off track. I can’t do “traditional” any more. You haven’t quite figured out yet how to quantitatively measure the passion in our personal relationship, yet I believe you have the ability to use a relatively simple metric to monitor the strength of our relationship, and ultimately work on making it beneficial for both us.

So now you know how I honestly feel and have very few excuses to not make me feel valued anymore. Please stay focused on us, put to practice what you preach and make me feel special like you used to.


Your Customer

Press Release Issued by Effective Intelligence

Effective Intelligence® is the market leader in developing and implementing proven analytical data intelligence solutions.

We help extract maximum value from customer and business data to help our clients solve their enterprise business problems in areas including strategy, marketing, risk, fraud and operational data management.

Combining experts in analytics, software development and specialist data practices, Effective Intelligence® offers organisations accuracy in strategic business planning by transforming data into insights. Effective Intelligence's proven intelligent software technology is the result of decade's worth of experience in innovative design and data quality specialisation that is built into the business rules and algorithms we employ. The architectural flexibility enables industry-specific solutions and departmental benefits that solve a wide range of business challenges.

Since inception Effective Intelligence® has been recognised by prominent businesses as a trusted analytical data partner. Our diversified customer base includes several Top Performing companies, nominated Business Leaders of 2011, one of the largest private hospital groups in the world, one of South Africa's largest financial services groups, the top 5 non-food retailers and the two largest telecoms companies in South Africa.

Our specialist data bureau processes hundreds of millions of data records annually and this substantial capability enables us to transform and analyse client data in order to provide faster results and insights into complex problems requiring appropriate business solutions and decisions.

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