All YOU want for Xmas…is more customers


This Festive Season, Effective Intelligence (EI) - South Africa’s leading direct marketing solutions provider - offers you the gift of more customers. With a crystal clear view of South Africa’s most intelligent and responsive database, we have gift-wrapped customer profiles to help you tightly define your target audiences to qualified buyers to drive your customer acquisition strategies and dramatically improve your direct marketing ROI.

Leveraging our capabilities and expertise, EI will empower you to find, understand and create actionable audiences to get your offer in front of potential buyers at just the right moment. How do we do this?

It’s no secret why the EI Solution works:

1. ‘Tis the Season to be Data-Driven

Data impacts every aspect of your business, internally and externally. You want it to be complete, accurate and ready to use because your success depends on it. Every single customer and prospect matters and the better the quality of your data, the better your chances using analytics to understand and connect with them. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to ensuring that you get the cleanest, most accurate data possible to power your marketing initiatives.

2. Success and all the trimmings

Together with a senior level executive, EI collectively assists with providing fresh insights to influence your analytics strategy (including agreeing key objectives and metrics), how it will be implemented, what needs to be implemented, when it should be implemented etc. We share the risk on all campaigns undertaken on behalf of our clients. Ultimately, our success is dependent on yours.

3. Proven Methodologies and Systems that work

EI has the right blend of skills, resources and technology to assist marketers to harness the full value in customer data. While the technology exists to collect, manage, normalize, and visualize data, it should not be regarded as the analytics solution.  It is an ‘enabler’ and a tool. Data analytics and the ability to apply business intelligence to strategic application remains very much a human function.

4. No capital investment

Whether you are looking for regular industry insight and an informed perspective or need more comprehensive support in the form of consulting, we can make data, analytics and engagement marketing work harder for you…and your bottom line. Accelerate your data-driven marketing efforts quickly and efficiently.

Treat your data as a capital asset rather than as a marketing expense and user that asset to collaborate with partners who possess the expertise to help you build real relationships with your best customers. 

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