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Women succeed in the Navy
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Things have indeed changed and women have gone from merely tolerated to openly accepted, by their male counterparts. Yet, within combat roles, their involvement remains a contentious issue.

The South African Navy has successfully integrated women within all combat environments including combat officers onboard warships, divers and submarines. For the first time since their submarine unit was launched 44 years ago, women have qualified to join their ranks.

Women have now become a permanent feature in a job title once considered 'too dangerous for women'. Canada, Australia and Norway are the only other navies that have successfully integrated women into their submarine units. It is clear to see that the fairer sex has proven themselves worthy of steering the proverbial ships with iron clad fists.

The SA navy has 14 qualified female submariners with 10 more working towards qualifying as Navy Ships Divers. The current 14 consists of:
2 Chefs
1 Communicator
5 Mechanical artisans
5 Electrical artisans
1 Radio operator

Chief of the South African Navy, Vice Admiral Refiloe Mudimu said " The South African Navy would like to take this opportunity during 'women's month' to salute all women in our Navy, who through their consistent efforts and enormous dedication, have made our Navy a true People's Navy"
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