From farm to chopsticks


When talking about training in Refrigeration and Airconditioning one tends to think only about the fridge in the kitchen and that wonderful box that keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter. The field of Refrigeration and Airconditioning reaches futher wider than in our homes and offices. From the farm, on the road, in the mall, refrigeration is involved in every aspect of our consumer lives. Manufacturing and processing of meats and vegetables need to take place in a refrigerated environment.

The product then needs to be kept cool in storage facilities and some items need to be frozen on an enormous scale. During transport to various outlets and retailers the product needs to remain cool or frozen. After this the product needs to be kept fresh and cool waiting for us to go shopping. Then its into our fridge and finally into the pot. Open Trade Training Centre does training that is relevant to every step of the Cold Chain. OTTC caters for a wide range of companies; from cold-stores to technicians doing maintenance at shoping centre to large scale butcheries. All in need of suitable training for their technicians.

To stay ahead with our training OTTC is constantly in touch with the needs of clients and the refrigeration industry. Refrigeration and Airconditioning requires the use of various gasses, some more ozone friendly than others. For companies seeking to lower their carbon footprint we have training on naturally produced gasses such as CO2 and Ammonia. OTTC has a fully operational CO2 and Ammonia Plant which is actively used in training students. This allows students to observe and experience the practical application of concepts learnt in class.

Partnership with various companies allows OTTC students to visit working plants and sites to see refrigeration in practice and not just in theory. OTTC provides training for the private industry as well as the industrial; many young adults attend our courses straight out of school to get an early start on becoming a qualified Refrigeration and Airconditioning Technician. OTTC enjoys seeing students grow after they have received their training, we gladly refer our students to companies who are seeking diligent workers and assistants.

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