Soneike High School Students Set for African Success


Between the 10th and 20th of April 2018, groups of Grade 11 learners at Soneike High School in Kuilsrivier, Western Cape got to grips with the seemingly complicated concept of money management by starting their own (fictional) sneaker companies as part of Metropolitan’s Kickstarz financial education programme. Now, these young entrepreneurs are equipped with healthy financial habits for their futures.

After coming up with unique names and logos for their companies, the learners designed their very own pair of sneakers that they then marketed to the rest of the school. Through running their businesses and with the help of a few interactive lessons, the students learnt financial basics from how to read a bank statement and how to plan and follow a budget, to more advanced issues like how to build up a good credit record and stay out of debt.

The final day of the programme was celebrated with performances by break-dancers, followed by the top five teams showing how their groups have succeeded. The judges - comprising local media - then got to decide which was the best performing business in the programme, with all members of the winning team walking away with a real pair of sneakers made using their very own design. Adding to the excitement was Kyeezi from Good Hope FM, who emceed the event.

According to Elsie Govender, CSI Manager at Metropolitan: “South African school children are not taught the vital money management skills they will need as adults and most parents don’t have the knowledge or expertise to pass these on themselves. With our mandate of enabling African success, it is crucial for us to educate the next generation.”

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