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Doreen Mothema, LEAP's top performing student

Doreen Mothema from LEAP 3 in Alexandra, Johannesburg was the top performing student in 2013. She shares her feelings about being LEAP’s number one, her thoughts on her teachers and the key to her amazing academic success.

"I joined LEAP in 2011 when I was in Grade 10.I had big dreams in Grade 9 and I felt that if I had stayed at the school I was in, they would have gone down the drain.

"I feel very proud of myself for being LEAP’s top performing pupil from the 2013 class, I screamed! Especially when I saw my accounting mark of 97%. I feel super happy and I just have my teachers to thank for supporting me throughout," Mothema says.

Accounting has always been her favourite subject and she says whenever she learns something new in accounting, she never forgets it. "It was all a matter of practicing with past papers and asking my teacher for clarification where I didn’t understand."

Well Prepared

"The teachers at LEAP prepared me well for matric. They told us from Grade 11 what is expected of us in matric. They kept a close eye on me, they saw the best in me. They became my parents at school and made sure that I did my utmost best.

"The teachers really make LEAP an outstanding school! They are forever there for us as students and they help build relationships between students. I want to get a degree in accounting, do my articles and become a Chartered Accountant. I want to be the provider for my whole family and also give back to LEAP in any way I can because it is part of the reason why I am who I am and where I am today."

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