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Zuko Jungqe
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Zuko Jungqe, an intern appointed in the position of an Asset Care Engineer at Pragma, recently plucked the fruit of his hard labour when he successfully completed his Diploma in Industrial Engineering at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology.

According to Jungqe, “he was fortunate that Pragma called him up”, while he was still completing his final modules. “I’m very excited about the opportunity I’ve been afforded, as Pragma is one of those rare to find organisations, which combine culture and principles to truly look after their staff. My job allows me to apply thought processes and knowledge to solve problems and bring about improvement to the benefit of our clients, which really makes it worthwhile to get out of bed every morning.”

Jungqe did a lot of internship and trainee work while studying. “I took breaks in between courses and grabbed course related opportunities as they presented themselves. I worked at companies such as First National Battery, GE Security/Ziton, the Levi Strauss factory in Epping, and KWV, to name but a few. Pragma is my first permanent job post-qualification.”

Jungqe’s main role as Asset Care Engineer is to to deliver value to the client through sustainable change based on increased asset management maturity in agreed Asset Management Improvement key performance areas. “In my new position, I’d like to see the clients I deal with grow in asset management maturity as a result of the sustained effort and time we’ve invested in delivering the asset care service.”

To Jungqe, his greatest achievement to date is completing his diploma. His key to balancing work and his private life is “to make sure to leave my family life at home when I come to work, and to leave my work life at the office when I go home.” In his spare time he enjoys going to the gym, hiking, spending time with his family and socialising with friends.

With regards to his goals for 2014, Jungqe concludes that he is “currently studying towards a BTech in Industrial Engineering, so that will be a major focus for the next two years. Upon completing the BTech, I’d like to enroll in an Engineering Management post-grad programme and eventually strive to complete a Master’s degree in Engineering Management.”

Pragma annually offer internships to students studying towards their Engineering Diplomas and Degrees. For more information on such opportunities, visit  

Gina Ganswyk

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