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Cranefield College Advanced Diploma in Project Management
The purpose of the Advanced Diploma in Project Management is to provide the opportunity for project management practitioners to deepen their knowledge and understanding of project
09 Apr 2019
MANAGEMENT Looking beyond ticking boxes
Project management is not so much a science as an art, says expert Dennis Comninos, as business turns towards talent over technicians as the differentiator of great project managers.
23 Jun 2014
The makings of a great project manager are shifting - and project management is not so much a science as an art.
11 Jun 2014
Welding Institute Tackles 2014 Regional expansion planned
Although 2014 is expected to be a tough year, the Southern African Institute of Welding (SAIW) is planning regional expansion with Cape Town and Durban being the first targets.
10 Mar 2014 - J. G.
50% of PMPs happy at work, says survey 'Sometimes you are simply in over your head'
Caught up in the thrill of a new role, some project professionals jump at their first job offer only to regret the decision thereafter. The facts are that only 50% of new hires were confident in their decision.
18 Jul 2013


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