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SABPP EVENTS Ready for action
The SABPP has initiated three exciting events this month and in March, so get these dates into your diary today.
11 Feb 2016
MANAGEMENT Building business leaders in retail
UCT'sGraduate School of Business has developed a new specialisation option designed to support retail managers in difficult economic times – especially those wanting to expand into Africa.
24 Aug 2015
LAW New course will bridge gap between law and business skills
Lawyers and legal advisors working in Africa should be good managers and great leaders, with a comprehensive understanding of the business world’s complexities and shifting paradigms of emerging market economie
28 May 2015
People management The effective tips
Life is a juggling act, and working women need to be extra nimble and dexterous to face the challenges of managing at home and in the workplace. Here are a few pointers on how to become an effective manager.
27 Jan 2014
Pitfalls in SA education Time is running out for the country to fix its problems in education
In the most recent World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness Index, out of 144 economies SA ranks 133rd for quality of education and 115th for primary education enrolment
25 Mar 2013 - Z. D.


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