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Skills Development Summit Haggai Education & Training Skills Development Summit
“At the centre of all our efforts to achieve higher and more equitable growth, to draw young people into employment and to prepare our country for the digital age, must be
21 Feb 2019
GENDER STEREOTYPING STARTS IN PRIMARY SCHOOL AND CHILDREN’S CAREER ASPIRATIONS DO NOT MATCH WORKFORCE NEEDS. Drawings from over 20,000 primary school children show that skills mismatch starts early and career aspirations change only marginally after the age of seven. 
Education and Employers, a UK-based charity, today launched a landmark report, Drawing the Future, which revealed that the difference between children’s
22 Jan 2018
AWARD WINNING DISRUPTIVE EDUCATION PROGRAMME FOR EMERGING CREATIVE LEADERS IS BOUND FOR CAPE TOWN Following a successful programme in Mumbai, the UnSchool of Disruptive Design has opened applications for the mavericks and creative change-makers of social innovation and sustainability to join them in Cape Town for a unique edu-adventure this May
Award winning experimental knowledge lab, the UnSchool of Disruptive Design is set to pop up for their ninth week-long immersive fellowship programme in Cape Town this May, for an
17 Jan 2018
EDUCATION INNOVATION AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP Time means that education is either about communicating content or teaching people to think. If you focus on communicating content, like getting through the CAPS Curriculum each year, you will not be able to adequately deliver on teaching learners to think.
If you focus on teaching learners to think, you can feed them as much content as you want and they will be able to interpret, understand and use that content as and when they
08 Jan 2018
HAPPY SANDPIT WORKSHOP But what if you have to work with the people you've got?
In September and October, Happy Sandpit founder Colin Browne will present the highly-anticipated workshop on his upcoming book ‘But what if you have to work with the people
25 Aug 2016
EDUCATION Children’s constitutional right to access basic education goes hand in hand with equipping them with relevant and accessible learning material–and modern technology is the biggest hero of change
Equipping tomorrow’s leaders with the proper gear to ensure a bright future for all South Africans is serious business. In the Western Cape alone, a total of 925 schools
22 Jun 2016 - L. K.
LEADERSHIP Innovator or dream breaker?
Leaders need to start focusing more on cultivating an environment in which innovation can prosper.
19 Jun 2014
Pitfalls in SA education Time is running out for the country to fix its problems in education
In the most recent World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness Index, out of 144 economies SA ranks 133rd for quality of education and 115th for primary education enrolment
25 Mar 2013 - Z. D.


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